Behind the Lens

At first, picture taking was just a hobby on the way to a Bachelor's Degree in Filmmaking at Montclair State University, but the two required photography classes changed that entirely. Working with Seton Hall University's ROTC during the 2011-2012 year lead to the discovery that there may be more potential to this hobby than initially thought.

While he started in action sports and portraits, he found his favorite subjects rest with neither. A spontaneous trip to the Galapagos revealed a passion for the areas of photography he wished to pursue: Landscape, Wildlife, Macro, and Underwater. Nature and adventure had his complete, undivided attention.

Francis is now travelling to far flung locales with an insatiable wanderlust and an inextinguishable fire for learning, collecting, and fine tuning his shots. While he travels far away to learn and create new photos with exotic wildlife and backdrops, he makes his home in the Arizona deserts where the red rocks to the north bask in the fading light every sunset.

Based in Buckeye, Arizona    United States

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