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“The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page.” – Saint Augustine

The following lists future trip plans that are cemented in stone. Every adventure is documented on a daily basis through instagram, connection allowing, and the shot for the day is usually teased by these daily log entries on that site. With every new expedition, new print possibilities will become available in the future to purchase. If you don't find a print you're currently interested in, maybe a future travel will bring one into the light.

Colorful Palette: Zion in Autumn - 4 November 2015

While the Southwest Expedition is slated for the following year, Zion National Park is getting a trip dedicated to itself and the colorful palette is displays when its leaves turn for the winter. Only a few days at most, there's much of Zion left unexplored during the last expedition that will be seen on this one.

The Frozen Life: Adventure in Antartica - 28 December 2015

The ones who can claim to have landed on this frozen continent are a few percentage, but the images and stories of the majesty that lay on the seventh continent have made it clear: The curios wildlife and artistic landscapes await those who come. Two weeks during the turn of the New Year in the world's icy playground will yield countless exposure challenges but offer a snowy paradise of countless opportunities.

Tropicana: Discovering Costa Rica - 13 February 2016

The rainforests of Costa Rica await on this two week expedition along the coast and to the interior of this country. Wildlife and landscape opportunities abound, and the greatest challenge of the trip may very well be working with harsh, sunny lighting. This will likely be the first time I will visit a Caribbean/Central American staple and not be scuba diving, sadly.

As I Walk Through: Death Valley in Winter - TBD March 2016

This park was avoided during the 48-Day West Coast Expedition and for solid reason; The scorching heat in summer puts a damper on travelling and creates limitations that are hard to pass. In late winter, after my 25th Birthday, I will go and rent a jeep to discover the secrets the dunes, mountains, and coves this large National Park contains.

Photo Ascension: Patagonia in Autumn - 30 March 2016

The near legendary landscapes of the Torres Del Paine National Park and nearby vistas will be my home for the next week as I improve on my ability to capture the image. Where some expeditions in the past have given me mentors from which i've learned and improved, it is here where I put everything to the test and more as I learn from three very successful travel photographers: Art Wolfe, Ignacio Palacios, and Kevin Raber.

France - PENDING SPRING 2016

Trip pending: Temporary Placeholder. Stay tuned!

Set Sail for Adventure: The Greek Isles - 17 July 2016

It's one thing to visit Greece, a country filled with a famous cultural heritage born from Ancient Times, but it's another to visit it under sail. The ship I will board for the isles is not the typical sailboat or catamaran, but a grand Tallship that will give an experience from the age of sail. While not historically correct in terms of ship choice, i'd rather not travel the isles for 8 days photographing from a Trireme; I'd rather photograph them, but it would make for one incredible experience!

Karibu Tena: Return to the Masai Mara - TBD September 2016

While I would have no issue returning anywhere I've been in the world, if there's one place I need to visit again it's Kenya. The tricks I discovered, lessons I learned, and experiences I've had were arguably some of the greatest among my travels, and I would love to live it all over again with the friends I've made across that puddle we call the Atlantic. I'm not even partially worried about what I will see when i'm there, because in the two weeks I visited in 2014 I already know the simple fact: The Mara does not disappoint.

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